Congratulations! You've made it to another year. Birthdays are a big deal, especially if you're kicking off a new decade. Turning some big "0" or just another great birthday year. Birthday cruises are a great way to celebrate away from home with friends or family, and the planning is generally less of a hassle than trying to figure out the logistics of a land-based getaway. If you are looking to plan a birthday cruise for yourself, girlfriend or family, we can more than assist you.

Beach Party


It’s her day and we would like to make it extra special with a little pampering, fresh flowers and caffeine to fuel the fun. Cooling gels and a warm stone massage come together for a manicure fit for a queen… or a birthday girl. There is much to add to make this a birthday cruise to remember.  

We know a Diva celebrating her birthday wants to do it in style because it's a birthday she will always remember and may end up doing it all over again. One of the best ways we believe in getting a group of your close friends together to make your birthday a fabulous one is on a cruise.  Cruises are equipped with everything you can think off, there is a kitchen you will never have to clean up, no dishes to wash and you don't even spread the bed. How about that to start! 

We will plan and host your birthday on whatever cruise line of your choice and we are there to ensure all the cocktail parties are off to a good start, dinners are organized and everything is order as planned. We will ensure this party get started from the moment you set a sail.  


As for the party memorabilia we also will cover that too. Just tell us what you would like printed and we will have those ready for the group. We can get you all the party favors you have in mind or you can pick out from our collections what best suits your taste. 


You will be pleasantly surprised with your cabin because we will ensure your cabin is top notched and up in style. We will ensure the Birthday Diva's cabin is all dolled out daily for the duration of the cruise. Leave it to us, we will surprise you with all that you never expected.



Who doesn't love a cruise spa where you can just sit back relax and be pampered away at sea. If you don't normally splurge on spa treatments at home and have been dying for a massage or a manicure, what better time to treat yourself to one than on your birthday cruise. Tell us and we will ensure your Spa appointment is booked and you are all set to go. 


What's a party without a cake? Who celebrates without a birthday cake, well nobody does and you shouldn't either. We will ensure a birthday cake of your choice and champagne is ordered for your big day. Oops we will not have candles due to safety for the cruise ship. 

Now that we have explained how great we can make your birthday cruise, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Nadine McLean or Tara Jackson to get your party started. We can arrange for a virtual travel party to brainstorm your ideas and ours or if you are in the Atlanta area, we can come by you.